Self Portrait with Bubble Plastic

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Self Portrait with Bubble Plastic
Paul Hutchinson
oil on board
1210 X 1110mm

The idea for this one came when I was unwrapping some paintings that had returned from an exhibition. I caught sight of myself in a mirror and had to make a painting of it. This is the way that most of the self portraits happen. I don't say to myself "I want to paint a self portrait", what weird and wacky stuff can I do this time...? Rather the subjects suggest themselves and I usually spend a good deal of time trying to convince myself not to paint them - "too difficult, too weird, who would want that on their wall??. "Wont sell!" my father's voice there... etc... "Oh well, I'll just start it on this board I've got here.".. Several weeks and countless hours later - "Well I've done too much work on it to abandon it now..." And so it goes...

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Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

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