Self Portrait at the Easel

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Self Portrait at the Easel
Paul Hutchinson
oil on board
445 X 554mm

Painted in 1977 at about the time I realized that painting was what I wanted to do with my life. I had graduated from using acrylics to oils and I revelled in the unlimited richness and sensuality of the medium. Being largely self taught and with no access to seeing real art other than the immediate local art scene, I borrowed every art book I could lay my hands on from the NP library. We take it for granted now that colour images of great paintings will be readily available in glossy books and online but in those days it was still rare to find books with more than half a dozen or so full colour pictures.

I was happy with the composition with outstretched arm and was starting to get the feel of glazing and scumbling techniques to achieve a richness of physical texture and colour; however I was clearly still struggling with being "good at faces".

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Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

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