Self Portrait with Folded Arms

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Self Portrait with Folded Arms
Paul Hutchinson

My parents had moved to Cedar Place and I was still living and working at home in my bedroom studio. A lot of self portraits from this time were done largely working from drawings done from the bathroom mirror.

I was still experimenting with different techniques and materials and this one was influenced by a recent Tony Fomison exhibition at the Govett Brewster Gallery. He worked on rough hessian so I thought I'd try it. I didnt do too many as I found it absorbed an enourmous quantity of paint and I was still working on a shoe-string budget supporting myself with the help of my parents and a part time job in a fish and chip shop. All the potatoes came in huge hessian sacks. I still couldn't do faces.

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Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

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