Lesson for Two Lutes

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Lesson for Two Lutes
oil on linen
1020 X 900mm (40" X 35")
Paul Hutchinson

This is another painting that I really struggled with and never felt was properly resolved. Very much a case of art reflecting life I suppose...

Music has always been the other great passion in my life. I have played the classical guitar (rather badly, but enthusiastically), for quite a few years and I am particularlly drawn to the early music repertoire, a lot of which has been transcribed from original lute music for guitar.

Whenever I get depressed about my painting it is to music I turn. I had been having a growing sense of dissatisfaction with my painting around this time. I felt I was spending weeks and months labouring paintings to within an inch of their life. I was struggling to justify all that intense work. The end results gave me no satisfaction and didn't seem to resonate with anyone else either. It had all become simply a personal and private struggle, and a very masochistic one at that.

This is one of the last larger paintings I would do for a number of years. It seems significant to me that I represent myself as a musician rather than a painter. I enjoyed the irony in the sheet music title - Lesson For Two Lutes, and that seemed like a good title for the painting.

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Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

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