Self Portrait Reflected in Narrow Mirror

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Self Portrait Reflected in Narrow Mirror
Paul Hutchinson
oil on gessoed board

2006 saw a major change in the direction my painting was heading. Frustrated with my larger labouriously finished work, few or no sales, no exhibition opportunities, no public feedback and very little support or encouragement from anywhere, I decided to completely downscale my ambitions and turned to painting very small and intimate paintings of everyday life. The idea was to complete the painting in one session, with no overpainting or touchups.

I started an online blog:

I could exhibit and market these small paintings with a small and modest price so that anyone could afford them. I quickly got into a routine of painting, then photographing and blogging the next day and painting ad infinitum...

So far I have painted about 1000 little paintings and perhaps a dozen or more have been self portraits.

Here is what I blogged about this one:
I'm always fascinated by mirrors.
This one was salvaged out of some old fax or something I think.
It's odd the way we require so little information to see a face.
It's the way we're hard wired I guess.
I had to close one eye to paint this.

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Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

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