Mirror, Mirror
Forty years of Self Portraits by Paul Hutchinson of New Zealand

An exhibition in four Rooms

  1974 - 1983  

  1984 - 1993  

  1994 - 2003  

  2004 - 2014  
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Mirror mirror on the wall... not so much the fairest of all...

I hope that anyone familiar with the numerous self portraits I have made over the last four decades will not assume I am merely an overly narcissistic individual. If anything, what comes across to me now looking back at this body of work is the self-doubt and sometimes downright self-loathing inherent in the images.

I guess in a more positive light, what I also see is a constant exploration and enquiry into, not just my own psyche, but different forms of expression, using the medium of paint, and a gradual and hard-won improvement and development in my facility.

I have always had a strong liking for the self portrait genre. I enjoy looking at self portraits of all kinds, that have been made by all sorts of human beings, from the images of hands on prehistoric cave walls, or sophisticated self portraits made by famous artists of the past and present, to children's self depictions, or the nowadays ubiquitous "selfie" snapped on a phone. It seems to me that the self portrait is still the most honest and direct way we have for expressing and communicating just what it is to be human.

Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

More of his work can be seen on his Painting-A-Day blog at postcardfrompuniho.blogspot.com
and in the Showcase section of the Virtual Tart site at www.tart.co.nz

email Paul at   PJHpainter @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)

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