Self Portrait with Open Mouth

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Self Portrait with Open Mouth
Paul Hutchinson
oil on board
In the collection of TSB Bank

I had met Dale Copeland in TACO and we had become "Good Friends". I joined her to live in Puniho, coastal Taranaki and we had a daughter. A true child of the Renonsense.

I had become aware of the painter Lucien Freud and I admired his work very much. I was also trying to get away from the hard edged influence and I started using white lead and painting more directly and with more impasto. In a way it was a return to how I was using paint when I started with oils. but with a greater confidence and facility.

I had also discovered the paintings of the Israeli artist Avigdor Arikha. He also worked more directly and had done self portraits with an open mouth which I thought was interesting.

This painting won the TSB sponsored Taranaki Review at the Govett Brewster in 1987 and is now in the TSB's collection.

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Paul Hutchinson lives in Puniho, New Zealand.

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